Flai intelligent drones

Flai is an app based self-flying drone with built-in anti collision system, customized payload options and real-time streaming of images and videos.

Collision free flight

The anti collision system prevents collisions with buildings, trees or people nearby.
This means that you can fly safely in dynamic environments and close to objects.

Autonomous flight

Controlling the drone is made easier and safer by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.
You should care about the task at hand, without worrying about controlling a drone.

Intuitive interface

Using the drone is as easy as connecting two dots.
Adapting it is as easy as turning a knob.

Why will you benefit from Flai?
Reduce your costs
Save money by implementing automated flying vehicles in your business. Whether you are in geo-mapping, visual inspection or transport, drone solutions can help you reduce expenses.
Evolve your business
Move your business to new areas with Flai. We offer you an option for remote imaging and real-time streaming of camera data. Only your imagination limits the use cases.
Lower your workload
Controlling the drone is done automatically by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence for making sense and decisions from sensor data - so you can care about your job and not the drone.
Integrate seamlessly
A smart device links you to the drone through apps. Through the user interface, it is possible to download and modify apps, as well as develop and share your own apps.
Take new paths

With a Flai drone you can access otherwise inaccessible places.

What can you do?

Visual inspection

Get your data fast and accurate. Flai combines imaging, high precision flight and safety to offer you the best possible results for any inspection task.

Precision farming

Improve algricultural business by crop monitoring with high resolution imaging, collected frequently and completely autonomously.

Movie making

Make amazing movies with a flying camera mount. Whether you are in to extreme sports, beautiful landscapes or urban adventures Flai is the tool.

Aerial transport

Transport important parcels directly to the end destination using Flai's transport module with built-in safety and security features.
A new perspective

See the world from a new perspective.
See it from above.

Who are we?


Hardware and software development and production.


Anti collision system development. Business development and financials.

Hans-Joachim Krauch

Software and web development


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About Flai

In 2015 Flai was established by Patrick Stolc, Mathias Flindt and Hans-Joachim Krauch, as a result of years of collaboration and common visions for the development of unmanned aerial vehicles and the surrounding systems.

Flai has roots in the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, University of Southern Denmark, which is one of with corner stones in the robotics community in Odense, Denmark. The institute has fostered great robotic companies, such as Universal Robots and Mobile Industrial Robots, and many promising start-ups.